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The GraceRCP (Groovy Rich Application based on Confex EclipseRCP) project was on the basis of Confex as an Eclipse RCP. The Grace project is the simple rapid application development case, based on confex tree and Groovy language. The Grace is an Open Source project and works under EPL license Eclipse Public License - v 1.0 (EPL). "GraceRCP not released at the moment and exists as Groovy extension for Confex Base Application"

Create forms using Groovy very easily.
Example Groovy Form Example Groovy Form

Macro tests with AntBuilder. Telnet, FTP, File and Db operations.
The Tests Groovy Form Using Ant Build

Installer on basis Groovy AntBuilder.
The Tests Groovy Form Using Ant Build

Using of JFreechart
OnStartForm With Login HTML Report with Graph and table Form with graph

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New features:

since 0.9.10
Composite groovy node